Elements of the Mass

elements-of-the-massElements of the Catholic Mass is a video series that is designed to help the faithful better appreciate the beauty of the Catholic Mass.


Eucharistic Adoration
Chaplet of the Divine Mercy in Song
Stations of the Cross

Shamelessly we borrow and share this video because it is another wonderful presentation of our Catholic faith. There are versions in English and Spanish.
From: Archdiocese of Milwaukee

The Beauty of the Catholic Church

The Beauty of the Catholic Church – Spanish

year-of-faith-logoDuring the Year of Faith the Archdiocese of Milwaukee produced weekly Youtube videos about the Catholic faith and Catechism of the church through their C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith series. We have borrowed these videos and shared them weekly on our News page because of the powerful content. Links to these videos and more are presented below.

C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith
The Desire for God
Does God Really Exist?
What’s God’s Plan for Me?
What Should We Believe?
What is Faith?
Why Do I Need Church?
Does Life Really Matter?
Why Does Evil Exist?
Who Can Save Us When We’re Lost?
God in Human-Form?
Is Jesus a Savior for Everyone?
What is a Creed?
What is the Holy Trinity?
What Kind of Response Does Jesus Require of Me?
Can People Really Change?
How Do We Keep the Faith?
What is God’s Design for Marriage?
What’s the Story on Creation?
Is Jesus Still Giving us Signs Today?
Why Observe the Sacraments?
Why is Baptism Important?
Why is Confirmation Important?
What Happens at Mass?
What Happens to the Bread & Wine?
What is Prayer?
How Am I Supposed to Pray?
What Does Jesus Teach Us About Prayer?
What’s Up with Catholics and Saints?
What are the Marks of the Church?
What’s the Church All About?
The End of the World?
Heaven, Hell & Purgatory?
What Happens When We Die?
Why Do We Have a Pope?
Does Being Good Matter?
Should We Always Tell the Truth?
Is It Wrong to be Rich?
What’s the Churches Stance on Intimacy?
What Makes a Happy Family?
What is Sin?
Who Determines Right From Wrong?
Isn’t Church Too Restrictive?
What is Evangelization?