Confirmation Candidates
You have made a commitment to actively participate in our Confirmation Program as you prepare to make your decision to receive this sacrament. If you are unable to participate in our Team Group, you are required to view the session and complete the questions in your book, prepared to discuss with our Team Members.

Our program, DECISION POINT, has been designed to kindle conversation about the “genius of Catholicism” between each other, with your parents, family members and sponsor.

I highly recommend that you share our program, DECISION POINT, with your parents and sponsor. There will be a couple of our sessions that they will be asked to join us.

The Decision Point program sessions are now available on our website by clicking on the link below.


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This is important work at a critical time in your lives. As you, your parents and sponsor begin the DECISION POINT experience together, know that I, Fr. Dennis, our Parish Family and the DECISION POINT developers are praying for you.

“May God bless you and guide you with His Holy Spirit”

Rosemary Olow